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The Camp On Haunted Hill is a fictional place where all of your nightmares come true! It has been in existence since 2000. Acutally, it's been around since the mid 1980's, but it wasn't called The Camp On Haunted Hill until 2000 when we started putting it on as a fundraiser for a non-profit organization. We do it because we enjoy it, and we want to share that enjoyment with others who find enjoyment in Halloween.

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        2011 - In Ludlow, MA
      2010 - In Ludlow, MA
Brent, Jessy & Greg      
    2009 - In Ludlow, MA
Deb, Jimmy & Greg        
  2008 - In Ludlow, MA
Condemned Sign          
2007 - In Ludlow, MA
478 Guest
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Pyramid Entrance            
My Toy Boat 2006 - In Ludlow, MA
356 Guest
  Graveyard Skeleton 2005 - In Ludlow, MA
136 Guest
    Spooky Graveyard 2004 - In Ludlow, MA        
      Fire-breathing Dragon 2003 - In Tolland, CT      
        A Flying Witch 2002 - In the Berkshires    
          No Questions Asked 2001 - In the Berkshires  
            A Real Witch 2000 - In the Berkshires
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